She – Tribute to the women

If every Girl child coming into this world gets the respect that Baby B got now. If not the world, the guardian of hers let her live.

When Shubham Jalan gave me the topic which said, “something related to women”, I was like, wouldn’t it be too serious. The doodle which you see above, yes it is a doodle which came to be as a miracle inspiration for this post. Now nothing’s so serious, here is something interesting:
I was doing my History Project when I came through this national personification‘s list. Almost all of the nations have female allegories for personifying the nation. Be it Lady Liberty in the United States or Bharat Maata in India. But still we live in a male dominant society.  In that case we are die-hard hypocrites because in a way we do understand the importance of women, but do contradict our understanding.
Your actions do not matter now, because the women have just broken the shackles, they’re out to dominate. I do not support the deeds, but secretly support the men. Because if women rule the world then one example if I give would be this:

No longer do they remain trapped now, no longer do they remain under the veil, no longer they remain in the dark coz’ they just come out in the light.
The veils’ up thrown
Doors now open
For women coming out now
Watch out O! Men.

But as I say, they’re reviving still.

Here’s a tribute to those women of India who stand out showing the light in the dark:

Kiran Bedi ►India’s first and highest ranking women officer. I still remember how shocked was I, filled with admiration at the same moment when I read about her in my class 1 GK book.

Why Men should watch out: Just wondering how many hundreds of officers would have come to salute in front of her.







Mithali Raj ►The best female cricketer India ever produced. She was the captain of India’s women cricket team. Bats, bowls, captains the side – a complete package.
Why men should watch out: To all those who boast cricket, and talk it of being only meant for boys – Excuse me sir, if you may bother getting hit for a six if you ever bowl to her. Well, I can very confidently say – She bats better than Dinesh Karthik and bowls better than Munaf Patel.







Sonia Gandhi ► She needs no description

Why men need to watch out: If she may rule the prime minister of our country, what bigger soul are you?









(Jokes apart) Salute to the women of India. *respect* Salute to them, to prove the world their mettle and not only theirs but the all the female population.

And on this occasion celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Indira Gandhi. Politically, you may say whatever you want… as a woman she has raised the bar for all to come in future.



Chill, she has grown up and grown more today on the 19th of November with due respect to her birthday. She is Sushmita Sen! 
Thank you for reading.


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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. Nyc 🙂


  2. Nice post about women power. Good 🙂


  3. nice post chetan.liked it very much.well done my friend


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