Don Vs

Yesterday, i.e on 11.11.11,’s security guard had taken a leave for a day. The media reporters posted at Mannat said that, had tried to stop him but the security guard continuously pleaded. He was heard saying that it was a special date which comes only once in a century and that he did not even leave him on Chhatt Puja. To this allowed Salman Aamir (The name of his security guard) to leave. The news had spread like a wildfire. Obviously it had to, the Media was standing there. Salman saw the coverage to which he commented, “Such a fool is this, even 12.11.11 comes once in a century”
Don also saw the coverage. He thought of taking advantage of this and assassinate who spoiled his image. was on guard, Don was approaching. Here is what followed:

G.One: Bhai Saahab, Did you forget to get a haircut.
Don: Don ke Dushman ko yeh baat hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye, ki Don kabhi kuch nai bhoolta. Dushman? Abhi toh mile hain! Dost hain hum! Shall I ask Gauri to bring a comb?
Don: Who are you? Haan? Why are you irritating? I should ask you this question. Script bhool gaye aur bolte hain kuch nai bhoolte. But I shall tell you I am
Don Laughing loudly. Muaahhahahahah!
Don: Tu hain? One? Hahahaha! Main toh Don 2 hoon. Two! Ek se bhale do. Huh! People came from all over India to watch my movie leaving aside their Fire-Crackers on Diwali. Better watch Santa Claus instead of you.
Don: Jhooth bole Crow kaate. Even doesn’t want to waste time watching You are evil. You kill people. I am so good. I save them.
Don: Don’t beat round the bush, buddy. You are so bad.. so bad that because of you the director changed the name of the film and named it on the villain. This bad are you. Mujhe logo ka khoon karne ka koi shok nai, wohi mujhe majboor karte hain! Tu toh Doodh se dhula hua hain.
Don: Of course! Don’t you remember how I bath in that bathtub of mine filled of Doodh of course with the four actresses.  Usme toh teri Chammak Challo bhi thi. getting angry.
Don: Arey. Why are you getting jealous. I sense something is burning. Arey, teri battery jal jayegi.. Chill maar yaar. Don ji, I was not getting angry.. I was just imagining how your face would look after a few seconds.
Don: Don ko Jokes pasand nai. Sirf Jungli billiyan pasand hain.
G.One: Hahaahahaa! It wasn’t a joke. The chitti, the Rajinikanth has acted with me in the movie. Ab kya jawaab hain Don ji.
Don:  Nahiiiiii! 😥 Hahahahah! Shall I ask Gauri to bring a comb? Hahahaha!
Don: Karaara Jawaaab milega. 😥

The moral of the story is:

Topic by Rahul. 

About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. not bad….my friend……some parts were awesome….LOLsome…:-D yup..ur writing has promise for sure…keep writing…:-)


  2. Great humour. The end was fantastic.

    Btw, you needed a challenge, so here it is: I need you to write an emotional post, on something which is very very close to your heart. An emotional poem, based on your heart’s feel.


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