Curtains coming down | Day #5 and #6

Hmm! Day #5 is here. Mummy, Papa, Mausaji, Masi, Chacha, Chachi (I am not counting the number of people on the trip) – they all gone for shopping. Intentionally opted out of the plan. When PS3 and shopping are both at stake – you obviously let go shopping and opt for PS3. That too shopping with your mom. 😀
Last evening also played PS3. The playroom gets locked at 6:00 pm and the person in charge forgot to lock it. We played till 9 in the night when my sister mistakenly locked it. “Jo hota hain bhale ke liye hota hain” Was losing all of the NBA Live 09 matches to my brother. He came this morning, to mess with me; Crushed him!
Played there till the evening, and then in the night the chillar party turned evil. Muaahhhahha! Destroyed the condition of the room and the lobby. Played football in the lobby and then in the room moved furnitures, jumped on the springly beds! Awesome fun. Why not? It was the last day.
Day #6
The moment before we were leaving and checking out was a moment of fun and childishness on my side. Running to the swimming pool at 9:00, then to the playroom for PS3 and then reaching out for Wii remotes. Just wanted to try each and everything possible, those minute things which had made the trip an excellent one. Papa scolding, but still those “Papa, ek aur minute” cries just to finish the game. The game’s finished. The trip’s finished.
See the difference now. While coming to Bangkok, we had to wait three hours at the Kolkata airport- customary thing but then it was fun for us and the same thing now at the Bangkok airport was a bore. Don’t suppose that Kolkata’s airport is better. Just because of the feeling that back to home again. Time has flown by.  I am back to Kolkata and it has 3 days since I am here. All that I have now is Nova Platinum hotel’s paper pad, Eastin Hotel’s pen, my seawalking CD, Kingfisher Airways’ headphones and a few five hundred photographs, and clothes purchased at Indra Square. ‘Memories of Thailand’


About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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