Bangkok | Pattaya Day #1

Phase I – Fly!
Visa, check. Passport, check.
<Chetan, what rubbish are you talking? You check these the last day>
Ok, so write something realistic.
Suitcases? check! So, I mean to say I am all ready to leave for B|P.  Taxi to the international terminal of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose airport. Yes! The same airport which promises to degrade every time you visit it.
Airline IT 0021 to Bangkok to fly me to my destination. What a journey it was! The best air travel experience ever had. TV in front, Kingfisher ear plugs all set and entertainment all the while you travel. Food was “Subhallah” 😛

Phase II – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
Time ‘flew’ along with the plane and we were in ‘Bangkok Suvarnabhumi’ within 2:30 hrs. I still remember how I fixed my CASIO digital watch to Bangkok time. I keep remembering my watch which got lost while an activity in Pattaya. (Story explained later). If the tourist spots of Bangkok are to be listed, its airport would be among its first. The beauty of infrastructure in Bangkok starts defining itself right from where its tourists land their first steps.

Phase III – Journey to Pattaya
Got into the tourist bus. I remember just after the journey we exclaimed, “where was the road in the journey!” because of this huge highway which we took from Bangkok to Pattaya. So long, that it kept on going and going. I don’t have too much interest in Cars, but I do have some general knowledge. Whatever it was, the road or the highway, Mercedes and Toyota could be seen like Taxis in India. Here and there one could see BMW and Audi. Everytime a car passed, it left us in awe. And so, seeing the cars and ultimately hoping that the highway comes to an end, we reach our hotel Nova Platinum. The fun starts here.






Phase IV – Cyber, Dinner and Alcazar
Can you just guess the first thing I did going there? Facebook. You may term me an addict but my heart and mind got attracted to a small chamber where 4 computers were kept, 2 of them free and when the receptionist said, “Using them is free” I was moved by a very strong feeling of uploading a status. Thus, Facebook. The moment we checked in and got into our rooms we started troubling the Nova Platinum Staff. Our room got interlocked. Not such a big issue, i know, but still. Had dinner at a nearby hotel. The fear that we had of not getting good vegetarian food had suddenly gone off when we saw the buffet laid. We expected the same thing the whole trip and to our amazement it got better and better. After dinner we went to a cultural show called Alcazar. All dance and music. The most lovable moment was when the Thai people danced on Aaja Nachle title track. It felt good as Indians had got a recognition. Why not? 85% of the tourists were Indian. India shining, you can say! 🙂








About Chetan

A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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