Democracy, the drag or the catalyst?

Opposing Democracy :


  • It is said, “The sooner the better” It will be very surprising to note that if we follow the same statement, Democracy will be termed as worse. Last year, there was this excellent show featured on Headlines today/ Times now: Is Democracy a drag? Since it was a debate, it had no answer. But yes… Democracy is a drag. 
  • Whenever my mom calls me for the dinner when I am busy doing Facebook, she calls, “Chetan.. Chetan” I say, “Aa raha hain –  I am coming”  Similar is the case with the Indian Democracy. The government is always thinking to pass a law or passing a law. The tense in itself gives you the sense of reluctance in movement. In such a setup do we really stand a chance to get the “Super-Power” title.
  • Not only it is a drag, the inconsistency it provides is a real barrier. Indian Democracy is a 5 year cycle where one leader head-starts, he starts installing or upgrading for the next 5 year slot. His mentality changes from leading the country, to retaining his post.
  • It’s good democracy has opposition parties, but the bite they undergo is purely Melodramatic, its a facade. I recently asked my father, “Do Circus exist now” That was the time when I really did not think of our Lok Sabha.


Justifying Democracy :


  • It is also said, “Slow and steady wins the race” If in a democratic setup it takes time to convert words to actions, it is because the “bill” or the “law” is reviewed over and over again. It is left to get diluted. It is left to get add ons from every grey matter possible. Even in archery, you first take time to define your target and not just let go your arrows. To say the least, Democracy is that setup where the governments thinks before it leaps.
  • Opposition Parties never the let the party in power sleep. It is like, you take a nap and we pack your bags. And if talking about melodramatic debating, the Indian people love “nautanki”. They can’t always just see Tulsi Virani on the idiot box. We need something “hatke”
  • The biggest advantage of democracy is the freedom and rights it provides. When everybody can have their say, everybody is motivated towards one goal, one belief. The sense of nationalism steps in. Together we think, together we debate not to have a new nation, but to have the same India as Super-Power. Democracy, not the drag but the catalyst. 

“Democracy amar rahe”

<<For my readers, who don’t like politics… I am sorry for this second consecutive post on the topic. The next one will be a blockbuster>>

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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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