To have or not to have – Aarakshan

<< Hereby, I would like to include the background for each blog, about how it came here to be published >>

What Happened: TTIS on 11th August had a whole lot of conversations between the tiger reporters and the Aarakshanteam. I read the whole post, and was totally moved by the quality of answers given by Sr. Bachchan. I was on my way to school then.Next, in the co-ordinator’s room was kept a Times of India copy, with the headlines Aarakshan. When it caught my attention, I suddenly popped up with the idea of showing it to all the students. Co-ordinator ma’m said, “First we have to see the movie. Are you a pro- caste system, or anti- caste system?” she asked thereafter. Without thinking I said, anti-caste system. I never thought what answer am I giving. But then after taking exit from the room, I realized I gave my right opinion.
Reservation for STs, SCs and OBCs in India, has been one of the much debated topics. Some say, that it contradicts the right to equality, where others say right to equality means equal opportunity and so it is justified. I say, it does contradict the right to equality.

Reservations for backward castes also gives them undue advantage. They tend to prepare casually for exams, and do casually get promoted. They study with the same study material, they give exams with a paper in front, and pen in hand. Then where is the problem? What I mean to say is, we don’t need reservations when these castes are not neglected. It is completely not justified for a 60% achiever who is a OBC  to get a chance above a 92% achiever. It is neither justified if that same OBC scores 95% and goes unnoticed on the mark-sheet. As per the NCERT book, BR Ambedkar introduced reservations to make sure these castes dont get neglected. If we grow a little more moral, wise and moreover un-selfish, we don’t need such reservations. Also, if the system grows to be virginal, less corrupted, we have completely eliminated the debate. I asked us to change first, Charity begins at home.

Thus, I do feel for the backward castes, but my feelings are my way. Aarakshan is not the right way to feel for them.
Looking forward for Aarakshan, the movie. 


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A twenty year old infant who fears if crows may shit on him or if Bengali aunties' umbrellas may prick him in the eye. He is currently waiting for Mamata Banerjee to leave Kolkata.

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  1. constitution of India, when it was drafted stated very clearly that the reservations will be thr for the next 10 years starting from d day constitution is adopted but alas like sarva siksha abhiyan this time bound program has also not been achieved partially due to the self interest of some few people and largely because of political interest


  2. Vishwesh Kejriwal

    Hey dude, i just wanted to admire mam’s knowledge and intelligence.
    YOU said that ‘there was nothing for Ma’am to be correct. She wrote a
    fact.’ but facts also need to be understod and expressed properly.k.
    YOU were the one asking,’ what is a scalene triangle?’ is that not a
    fact? even a class 6 boy knows about a scalene triangle.
    So you see, you can’t be right always.
    I believe that i have grown up and its time for you to grow up because
    you are miles away from the truth my friend.


  3. Vishwesh, go make your own blog and “grow up, again” 😛


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